Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas letter from the Browne family

Well, this year has blown past like none other. Here are some reasons why…

Of course, the most important highlight would be Ella!! She joined our family a whopping 8 lbs 9.5 oz. But, she proves to be delicate, dainty, and delightful on a daily basis. Her smiles, coos, big eyes, and her ubiquitous adorable leggings are never enough. She is truly a God-spun light in our lives.

We moved from the bustling city to the burbs of Richland Hills, which is only about 15 minutes from downtown where we still love to spend quality time.

I still work in downtown FW and have finished several highway right-of-way appraisal projects in 2012. Expert testimony has become more prevalent in work including my very first jury trial!

Robin continues to bloom in every aspect including her penchant for cooking, interior design, holiday decorating, and everything else in between. Robin’s cooking skills have gone from Mexican dishes to crock-pot and sauté chef extraordinaire. What a treat, but I fear stock in Fireside Pies, Tillman’s, and Uncle Julios (to name a few) has gone down dramatically since we started eating in.

Robin and Ella are two peas in a pod everywhere they go and it’s truly something to behold. Other things of Robin to note – she has become a fire bug, it was her idea to purchase a fire pit for the back yard and we have had company over enjoying them ever since!

Other items of note –
I finished a 10k for the first time! It was an 11 minute mile average and it sure was worth the time and effort!

We dedicated our precious Ella at Christ Chapel Bible Church in May using the scripture Zephaniah 3:17. Ella wore the dress that Robin wore when she was dedicated that was handmade by her Grandmother.

Robin and I took our first trip away from Ella, in May to San Francisco and Napa! Ella was in good hands with Nana and Meme!

We especially are thankful for our family who traveled from all parts of the US to come see our lil star! Thank you Grandma Kathe from Florida, Uncle Joe and Aunt Jenn from California,Great Aunt Carol Sue from California, Uncle Roger and Aunt Pauline from Houston, Aunt Melissa and cousins Scott and Sarah from Florida, and Papa Bruce and Baba Daryl from Oregon! We so enjoyed seeing you all! and of course our frequent local visitors G-Daddy, Nana, and Meme!

We hope this special time of year brings you much joy along with special memories with family and friends! (and maybe wish for us some silent nights :)

Merry Christmas!
-Matt, Robin, & Ella Browne